Coping Skills

Take Care of yourself. Smile, you can do this Life….

Try to eat healthy. Try to eat fresh vegetables, avoid unprocessed foods and drink healthy, like water. What you put in you comes out of you…Put in Good…and watch your life flourish.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Its ok to socialize with a glass of water. Avoid Caffeine & Sugar drinks before going to sleep., and if you do, brush your teeth! Get that sugar off those pearly whites..

Sleep Schedule. Try getting a good numbers of hours of sleep at night. Avoid using your cell phone or Watching T.V. while your in bed. Use your bed only when you sleep, not as a chair. Can’t sleep? Write down whats on your mind. Its fascinating in the morning to see what you were thinking in the dark…

Get enough exercise. Take a walk around the block by yourself. Enjoy the fresh air, listen to the birds and enjoy the sun on your skin. No dogs, no kids, no friends. Just you & Air. Breath…..

Friends & Family can boost your mood…. or?… Stay in contact with them. Social media and writing letters are great ways to stay connected. *Talk to someone you can trust with your emotions and stress. Its very important to cheerish and validate what your feeling in this world.

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