Managing Stress

Begin managing with a Calendar.

Make A List of day by day activities. Remember to focus on one activity at a time.

Pencil in blocks of time for new hobbies for yourself. Yes, *New* is the Keyword. It’s time to put yourself on your Calendar for Self care.

Life is only as serious as you want it to be. What’s the one hobby you’ve always wanted to Learn? Piano lessons? Guitar? Singing? Going back to School? Make your hobbies happen.

Make a Vision Board. Cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures on a poster of Vacations, hobbies, hot air balloon rides, cars, money, pets… Your Vision Is your future Self. Your Vision Board is your Action Plan!!

Soon, you’ll start crossing off your goals and cutting out and writing New Visions. Put that poster Vision Board where everyone can see it.

Ask for help. Is it hard to get those words out?…H..he….he..HELP!

Ask your friends or family to help your Vision become a creative reality. Help them create they’re own Vision Board. Make this a Family project & help everyone’s Boards come to Life!♡

Taking time to read a book, meditate or sit in Silence are perfect reminders of self care.

Remembering to schedule time for yourself will lessen anxiety, help your mind be clear and over all make you feel accomplished.

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